Invest in house than in jewelry which has not much returns

If you are requesting your husband to take jewelry for you, obviously your request would be denied. You may not be using it every day and hence this request would be denied when you have minimum of jewelry that would suffice for attending the traditional gatherings in your family or else for attending the weekend parties organized by the neighbors in your colony. So, don’t you think you should change the request so that you could get the feel that you are giving proper suggestions that are listened by your husband? How about suggesting him to buy the one pearl bank condo that would be quite impressive for him. He would pool in all the money that he has for buying the house. Also, you could feel proud for owning such a beautiful house. Your neighborhood people would feel envy of you and when you see this feeling in their eyes you could be proud of your husband for listening to you. You would no more ask any other gifts as you would feel a sort of completeness by living in this lovely home. Days will get busy by shopping online for the decorative items that you could place in each corner of the room.

As the house is completed with all the work both interior and exterior there is nothing much for you to monitor and look after. Your husband could go to office and attend his duties and you could as usual cook the dishes or else attend the work if you too are working. The ultimate lesson is that stop asking for petty things and plan for something good and inspiring or motivating you for the life time. When you have a comfortable house you could aim for more growth in career or for buying other properties.

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